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Skill Of The Week 15 --- Hunter

AvengedKalas Admino posted Sat at 17:00

It's that time again! Grab your net. Or your box traps. Or whatever item(s) you use for our next Skill Of The Week! Hunter will be the skill this time around. Thank you to everyone that voted in each of the polls for this event! 

The Prizes for this event will be the following:

1st Place - 2,000,000 GP

2nd Place - 1,000,000 GP

3rd Place - 500,000 GP

Please comment on this News Post or the provided forum link with your RSN to be added!

Progress will be tracked here:

and here as well:

Good luck to everyone participating!

Zulrahisl1fe add me -scav god

How bad is your RNG clue

Panthalassa Admin posted Jun 11, 17

-How bad is your RNG: Clue Edition- 

Hosted by: Unholyblood 

Bank your Clue Hunter gear because you're not going to need it! This is a competition for the worst clue rewards you can get!

Each tier clue (easy/medium/hard/elite/master) will reward a bond to the player who does the worst! You can only win 1 tier though!

Be sure to take a picture of your clue loot with your name the word "SCAMMED" said in the clanchat! We will need this as evidence for your submissions.

The event and prizes are courtesy of unholyblood, so be sure to buy him a pint at the Blue Moon Inn in Varrock if you win!


Please include the chatbox for the clue!!

Example clue with a clear chatbox displaying the value:

The worst of luck to you! 


Darth Woe Donator Alright, cool.
Panthalassa Admin nah we stole it as an example :d
Darth Woe Donator Hey, that's my photo. Did I win?
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Zulrah competition has been postponed to the 26th of June. Get ready!
haha Darth Woe
Na, fuck that. Mad greywolf was an awesome find. I got the spirit of a wolf. may not be mad, or greywolf. but atleast it's not maned wolf
found my spirit animal. Going to change my name once mor ein 4 days to it
La la la