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It is that time again! Gather your nets, your harpoons, your rods, your own arms, etc. It is time to go watch Netflix for a week! And by that I mean Fish. Skill of The Week 16 will be Fishing. It will be starting Monday July 17th at 12:00 a.m. and ending Sunday July 23rd at 11:59 p.m. In order to receive attendance for participating in this Skill of The Week, clannies must gain 20,000 Fishing experience during the week.


1st Place: 2,000,000 GP (Bond if Iron)

2nd Place: 1,000,000 GP

3rd Place: 500,000 GP

Progress will be monitored here:

If you wish to enter after the contest has started, let me know as soon as you can! 

Good luck to everyone participating! I wish you all luck on getting a Heron! 

Mid Month Updates:

AvengedKalas Admin posted Sat at 1:54

Greeting Clannies,

Thank you for taking the time to read the post on the Enjin! The Admin Team greatly appreciates it! There is a lot of really helpful information here regarding events and ranks. It is also a great place to socialize!

Some of you also noticed the Calendar Check Event that was created last week and were able to receive 100k! There is a good chance I will be creating similar events to that in the future! It is a good idea to check the Events Calendar on the Enjin at least twice a week. It takes less than 5 minutes, and you might be pleasantly surprised in what you find! Most events you will need to be logged into the Enjin to view. Also regarding events, there is a big clock on the home page of the Enjin with the clan time. This is the official time for all events on the Calendar. That way you will always be able to know what time the event is for you! Also always make sure to check your attendance on the attendance forums. If you were at an event, your name should be on that list. If not, let the host of that event know asap! 

If at any point you change your username in the game, please add your old username and new username to our Name Changes Forum. That way we can make sure the right people are receiving attendance for each event and we will know who is who!

In regards to the ranks, here is what we currently expect out of each rank:

  • Friend (Smiley): This is the rank given to Trial Members. All that is required for one of these ranks is an approved application!
  • Recruit (One Banana): All that is required for one of these ranks is a successful completion of the one week trial!
  • Corporal (Two Banana): All that is required for one of these ranks is to be active in the clan. Attend some of our monthly events, and be a great clanmate.
  • Sergeant (Three Banana): All that is required for one of these ranks is the same as Corporal, but just more active and an even better clanmate. Sergeants are expected to do everything a Corporal does and then a little more.
  • Lieutenant (Bronze Star): This is the highest rank for non-admins. In order to obtain one of these ranks, attendance in at least one event every month is required. Lieutenants are expected to be more active than every rank previously mentioned.
  • Captain (Silver Star): This is the first admin position available. In order to obtain one of these ranks, you must currently be a Lieutenant or a Sergeant. You then must inform one of the Generals that you are interested in becoming a Captain. After you have been granted Event Planner permissions on the Enjin, it is your responsibility to schedule an event once per month. There is no restriction on what these events must be as of now. The only guidelines we ask for are at least 48 hours notice, you pick a time most convenient for you, you record attendance for your event, and you post this attendance on the attendance forums. As well as being expected to host one event per month, Captains are expected to attend another event they did not host once per month.
  • General (Gold Star): We are currently not in the process of looking to add more Generals. However, if this is something you are interested in, let one of the Generals know. In order to become a General, you must already have been a Captain for three months. The responsibilities for a General are the same as those for a Captain in regards to events. Generals will also have the responsibility of maintaining the Enjin.

In order to guarantee you achieve the rank you want, attend as many events as you can! These expectations will be followed very closely when we do rank changes every month. There of course can be exceptions to these rules. If you are going to be away from the game for whatever reason, please inform an Admin of this. We will not derank members who inform us that they are going to be away aslong as they will be gone for less than one month. If they will be gone for longer, they will most likely have to earn their rank back. If you are one of the members that does not really care too much about a rank, keep on having fun then. This system is not designed to punish anyone. We would just like to reward our most active members!

Of course, feel free to message any admin any time if you have any questions about the clan. We will be more than happy to assist you. I hope this clears up any of the confusion you may or may not have had. I also hope everyone will be checking the event calendar more frequently. We have a lot of fun events planned and are open to more suggestions!

Thanks again for taking the time to read this essay. I greatly appreciate it. Happy Scaping! 


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